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Meditation Art

Meditation is awesome. It is flat out one of the best things that you can do every day to balance yourself, help to relieve stress and feel more in control of your daily life. So, in this meditation art collection I wanted to celebrate that fact, as well as visually express some of the different aspects of meditating that make it so valuable.

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If you already practice regularly then you already know how good it makes you feel. It is difficult to explain why simply sitting quietly and seeming to do absolutely nothing can have such profound benefits. But it really does (you may be saying your mantra in your head, but other folks can't hear that).

(By the way... You may also like to take a look at the related 'Yoga Art' and 'Spiritual Art' collections. Yoga is another great regular practice that can really help to keep you well, and a focus on spirituality and good energy is also beneficial.)

The science is now catching up with what yogis, Buddhist sages and spiritual teachers have already known for thousands of years through their practical experience. Namely that meditation changes your brain wave patterns and has deep and long-lasting beneficial effects that extend well beyond the time you actually spend meditating.

This collection of meditation art prints includes plenty of light-hearted fare as well (it's not all deep profundity, it is supposed to be enjoyable to look at on your walls!). So, for example, enjoy the 'Spread the Love Even on the Tough Days Meditation Canvas' that looks (potentially!) at the end of the world (clearly a good time to meditate!) and Cupcake Art (because cupcakes are worth meditating about!); as well as ones, such as our Zen Art print which really highlight the ongoing benefits of meditation.

Anyhow, enough chat... Enjoy the canvases!

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