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Yoga Art

In this Yoga Art collection you will find a celebration of this most ancient of practices from a number of different angles.

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At its most basic yoga is a physical practice that involves moving your body in different ways and practicing asanas. But it really is so much more then that. There is a whole other spiritual dimension to it, where you are getting in touch with yourself on an energetic and very fundamental level.

(Please note I also explore this in the 'Meditation Art' and 'Spiritual Art' collections, so be sure to check those out as well)

In the Yoga art in this collection you can see a whole range of canvas types that explores the practice. The yoga students might for example enjoy 'Yoga Teacher Art' canvas, which explores the different emotions that their yoga students may go through when they start to regularly practice yoga (not all good!), and 'Self Love Exercises', which is a comical look at the path of spiritual enlightenment that we can all go on as we regularly bend and stretch our way to a shinier set of higher chakras! 

Chakra art is also present here, most notably in a series of four canvases which explore Shiva (male energy) and Shakti (female energy), which are concepts which you may hear in your yoga class, and which seemed like great subjects to create yoga wall art around.

Anyway, explore! (And do remember to check out the Meditation and Spiritual Art collections (links above), as there is a great deal of synergy between the energetic vibes of the collections. 

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