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Bug Art - Insect Conservation with a Mountain Backdrop Canvas Print

bug art

Bug Art - Insect Conservation with a Mountain Backdrop Canvas Print

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This 'Bug Art - Insect Conservation with a Mountain Backdrop Canvas Print' shows two people in the middle of an idyllic scene, with yellow flowers all around them and mountains in the background, swishing their nets to catch insects for study, in this beautiful, impressionistic view.

You can see the amazing light above the mountains, and the thick grass and wild flowers. This is a scene where you can feel that life is in balance. Out in nature, doing meaningful work, the sun shining down and the mountains looking on kindly from the back.

This canvas will look beautiful on your walls, and will make you feel calm and centred whenever you see it.

Insect conservation is important work. According to experts, insects make up around 80% of all the animal species on Earth, with 900,000 different kinds of living insects already known, and probably millions more that we don't. That sounds like hyperbole, but in fact experts reckon that there are at least 2 million species of bugs, and possibly up to 30 million!

If you consider that number for a moment it is truly astonishing. 

There was a study in 2012 that estimated the total weight of global human biomass i.e If you put all the people in the world on one big ol' bathroom scale, how much they would weigh. The study estimated the number at 287 million metric tons.

In 2017, a different study estimated how much the world's spiders were eating. The number they came up with was inexact, but nevertheless interesting. They estimated that just spiders alone eat through 400 million to 800 million metric tons worth of prey each year.

(That's not counting what beetles, butterflies, ants, bees and wasps eat. The flies are keeping their heads down while I'm writing this! So no idea what they are up to.)

In other words, forgetting all the other insects for a moment. JUST spiders (though according to that easy bedtime reading journal 'World Spider Catalog', as-of June 2020 there were 48,581 accepted species of spider. So, there are quite a few of them!) eat through more than the total weight of humankind on the planet.

Math Time!

Actually, it is also worth pointing out that humans eat rather a lot! The USDA publishes statistics on how much average Americans eats. Clearly it will change over time. But the average American in 2011 ate 1,996 pounds of food a year. If we add in that there were roughly 328 million people in the US in 2019; then in an average year, JUST the folk in the USA eat their way through six hundred and fifty four billion, six hundred and eighty-eight million pounds of food. If we then change that into metric tonnes for our spidey-sense comparison....

654688000000 = 296961481.53056

So, around 297 million metric tonnes of food consumed by folk in the US every year

And the world?

Well, the World Population Clock has the current world population (as of 23rd June 2020) down as 7,793,257,846 (and rising rapidly every second!).

The US certainly eats more than most other countries. So, let's say we just took 2/3rds of the 1,996 pounds number and average all the other countries at 1,330 (there's no science here folks! I'm just guessing. But it seems reasonable).

Then we are left with 7465257846 people (ie the ones NOT in the USA) x 1330

Google has that at 9.9287929e+12 (now THAT was confusing! I had to Google what that meant. Turns out it means you add on 12 zeroes.)

So, 99287929000000000000 pounds of food consumed by the rest of the world.

99287929000000000000 pounds

= 45036247027501728 metric tonnes of food consumed each year by the rest of the world.

(That number is apparently forty-five quadrillion thirty-six trillion two hundred forty-seven billion twenty-seven million five hundred one thousand seven hundred twenty-eight metric tonnes)

... No idea how big that is. But it sure sounds like a lot. Oh get the idea... It's a lot!!

So, it's not just spiders who are on the nosh!

Anyway, the fact is that the scale of the job that insects do for us is staggering.

Without the spiders, for example, and all their 'let's eat all the other bugs' proclivities. Just think how overrun your house would be!

You'd be so busy swatting flies away from your face you wouldn't have time to chow down on any of that 1996 pounds of yummy food!

So celebrate them folks!

Have this one on your wall because bugs are awesome!

(Or just because it's very calm and looks beautiful)

Up to you.


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