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Cow Wall Art - Cows Grazing on Grassland Canvas Print

cow wall art

Cow Wall Art - Cows Grazing on Grassland Canvas Print

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This 'Cow Wall Art - Cows Grazing on Grassland Canvas Print' is a beautiful, impressionistic view of a herd of cows grazing peacefully.

In the background you can see subtle blue sky and in the foregound are thicker tufts of grass. 

This is one of those pictures that really rewards closer study, because there is actually quite a lot going on here.

Towards the back left of the picture you can see a mound and I can't help wondering what is over the brow of that? Does it dip down to a valley? Or is it on the edge of a high-mountain plateau? We can't be sure.

What we do know though is the cows are grazing peacefully, seemingly at one with their world. Enjoying their freedom and the rich grazing opportunities that this stretch of nature is providing.

You can see quite a few cows grazing in the picture, with a particularly adventurous moo strolling towards the very front of the canvas, as though contemplating whether to walk right off.

Thankfully, for us, he seems content to stand his ground, watch the world around him, and chew over a few thoughts while he chews the cud.

The phrase 'chewing the cud' is to ruminants like cows, what doing the Moonwalk was to Michael Jackson. In every sense a critical component of who the beast is.

The phrase is tied up with the biology of a cows stomach, which is in many ways a wonder of natural engineering.

Cows don't actually have four stomachs. They have one. Like us. But, unlike ours it is rather special, because it is split into four very distinct compartments, each of which does a very specific job.

So, when you see a group of cows grazing, like this, really you are watching one of the most intriguing food extraction processes in nature. 

Those parts are:

Rumen - This is the first part of the cow's stomach. It helps to break down complex plant products like grass.

Reticulum - This is the 'chewing the cud' section... The 'cud' actually refers to a portion of the food returning from the stomach back up into the mouth of the cow to be chewed for a second time. This helps to break down the food even more. So, that when you see a cow looking like it is chewing gum, what it is really doing is 'chewing the cud' i.e essentially chewing the same food over again, and helping to break it down even more as the combination of saliva and chewing helps the process to progress.

Omasum - In this part of the stomach all of the water is absorbed out of the food.

Abomasum - This is where the food is finally digested, in a similar way to what might happen in a human stomach. It is also the part of the stomach that secretes rennet, which is used in the production of cheese.

So, when you see a group of cows like this grazing, you'll now see the process in an entirely different light!

They may seem very calm (and they are), but nature's engine is working overtime with some amazing natural processes to ensure that they get all the nutrients from the grass that they need.

This is a picture then that you can enjoy on a number of different levels.

As a calm view of cows grazing on grassland, or the tempestuous and complicated feeding process of nature!

Take your pick.


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