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  • death in a banana tree wall art print
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Death in a Banana Tree

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This one is called 'Death in a Banana Tree'.

It is funny how you can start off with an idea for a work of art that is particularly bright and breezy (in this case all about the colour yellow), and yet end up with something all dark and boisterous!

I must admit that I haven't personally experienced too many deaths in banana trees.

(Though most of 2020, and 2021 so far, have been so 'weird' in general, that, let's face it, anything's possible! At any moment I half expect to see that head twisting moment from The Exorcist described on the news as a possible side-effect of virus type activity.) 

Anyways, this one isn't quite as shocking as that. But, it does feature bananas, leaves and lots of sharp penetrating light (among other things).

It has an architectural quality which I will admit pleases me.

Abstract art is, by its nature, abstract. So, its not immediately going to lend a hand to having its meaning comfortably exorcised from it.

In the shadows of numerous bananas there is the invection of cutting light, which seems to pierce through and meld into a convergence of reds and yellows and blacks and a hint of green.

Forming shapes where none existed before, because all of us are but passing shadows and with every movement we pass from what was into what is and what could be.

I like to think that Chaos Theory is at play here. That Butterflies somewhere are flapping their wings and that we are all in thrall to the moments between the beating of that natural iridescence.

The light feels like it is cutting. Turning between beams that illuminate, and those that penetrate, cutting and knawing until there is only the maelstrom of the mind and what it means to be free in a changing world.

We are all of us on the road to death.

Yet, all the while spinning freedom threads like any spider might to try to cling on to a ledge in the sun, even if our threads will inevitably be blown away by the wind and rain as time takes them.


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