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Large Group of Horses at Sunrise Watercolor on Canvas Effect Wall Art Print

large group of horses

Large Group of Horses at Sunrise Watercolor on Canvas Effect Wall Art Print

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This 'Large Group of Horses at Sunrise Watercolor on Canvas Effect Wall Art Print' sees a big herd of horses mingling around, enjoying each others company, grazing, and generally enjoying life, as the sun rises. 

This one is presented with a watercolor effect (though it is still a print), so that the horses seem to blend into the background, and it feels as though all of the colors are alive and dancing with each other.

If you take a closer look at the mockups then you can see how the green of the grass seems to move up from the bottom of the picture right through the large group of horses and then up as it merges finally with the horizon.

There is a real feeling that our equine friends are enjoying their lives in this artwork. Mingling with each other, not a care in the world, nibbling at the grass and (hopefully!) thinking good thoughts.

In a very real sense this is a piece about family. You can see the gathering of the horses all together. They are a team, united against whatever the day may bring, but not merely surviving. As the sun comes up you get a real feeling of another day dawning, and of a good day that lies ahead.

Of coming together when it feels good to do so, but also of being able to roam freely on their own, when that feels like the right thing to do.

When we think about concepts like freedom it is this feeling that we are all really trying to capture. Of space to roam, but of still being able to feel like we are part of something greater than ourselves, and that others are looking out for us. In this case, the family of other horses is there to look out for the collective (you can see a foal on the left for example) but there is still freedom in the herd.

I hope you enjoy this picture, empathise with the large group of horses as they go about their daily lives and really feel the great energy that is coming from this stunning piece of wall art.

Imagine how good it would feel to wake up to that sunrise every day!


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