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  • two pink and orange westies almost touching noses on a british flag
  • Real Size Mockup
  • westie wall art print
  • west highland white art
  • animal wall art print
  • british flag art print
  • dog art print
  • pink art
  • patriotic westie art
  • Back of canvas when shipped to the UK/CA/MX
  • mockup to show 1.25 inch width of canvas
  • Back of canvas when shipped to the US
  • westie art
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Two Pink and Orange Westies ALMOST Touching Noses on a British Flag

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This "Two Pink and Orange Westies ALMOST Touching Noses on a British Flag" wall art print is my unlikely homage to Michelangelo. 

i.e. He of Sistine Chapel Ceiling 'Dudes almost touching fingers' fame.

(Actually, it's not really 'dudes' as such, it is actually God giving life to Adam, the first dude. Oh. Ok. It is about dudes then?)

Anyway, I got to thinking about it.

Now, Michelangelo was a man of his time, and he was painting on the ceiling of the Vatican. So, far dues that it has to be all very 'lofty', feature God, be uplifting etc.

However, I reckon that Michelangelo would probably have sooner painted his dog.

Here is a factoid you may not know...

It is said that Michelangelo owned a Pomeranian, and the dog would sit on a satin pillow while he watched him paint the Sistine Chapel.

I'm serious!

Go look it up if you don't believe me.

I wish I had made that up.

Seriously, I do.

(That would prove that I hadn't totally wasted my time at 'Make up Stuff that can't possibly be true, but actually is' class at school.)

 But weirdly, it's actually true.

So, these 'almost nose touching Westies' (West Highland White Terriers for those not in the know) are what I reckon he probably would have painted (assuming he had fallen out with his Pomeranian, and decided to forgo a God scene on his Vatican ceiling painting - admittedly, unlikely).

The 'special one' who modelled for this particular artwork is called George, and he is indeed a handsome beastie. He is also British. So he thought (oh..ok... I thought) it would be nice to feature it on a British Flag.

All very uplifting.

Westies. The world needs more of them.

P.S. Would look very nice on your walls.