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  • yellow flowers and grass decor watch over nature canvas print
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  • environmental art
  • yellow flowers
  • looking after nature artwork
  • tall grass art
  • watching eye art
  • yellow and green canvas art
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  • yellow flowers art
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Watch Over Nature

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Nature is clearly a good thing.

So, it makes sense to keep an eye on it!

In this canvas you can see exactly that going on. A big ol' eye looking down on a sea of yellow flowers, from the vantage point of the grass.

The words on the canvas are:

Watch Over Nature

I have tried to make the coloring of the eye quite 'kindly'. Soft pastel type colors, and a nice merging into the background.

(I also rather like the idea of the blades of grass coming up and through the eye. The eye isn't just watching over nature. It is part of nature. As are we all.)

Note - This canvas isn't called 'Big Brother Watching Over Nature!' - It really isn't meant like that. It's not the thought police. I'm certainly not here to lecture. But, by the same token...

Rainforests are cool.
Grassy meadows are cool,
Yellow flowers and long grass are cool.
Animals are cool.
Trees are cool.

Perhaps you think they are cool as well?

If so, you might like this canvas.



PS Creating this one did make me wonder about how plants get their color. So, I did a bit of exploring.

In case you too were wondering... Say, why is grass green? Why are the flowers in this picture yellow?

Then here's a potted version of what I discovered (clearly this isn't a degree class in Biology! So forgive me if what follows is 'obvious' to you. I know it wasn't to me, so perhaps there are some of you in the same boat :-)

It turns out that plants and flowers get their colors from the pigments they produce, and that these pigments are molecules that selectively reflect or absorb certain wavelengths of light. The wavelength that is reflected is the color that we perceive.

There are a ton of plant pigments, but there are largely four types that we can categorize them into:

Chlorophylls - This is the most common pigment in plants and is what gives them their green color. This is because most chlorophylls absorb blue and red wavelength light, and mostly reflect green wavelengths, which is what we see. Chlorophyll is very abundant in the stems and leaves of plants (and also in grass! Hence seeing the grass in this picture as green).

Carotenoids - This group gives us oranges, yellows and reds. One common carotenoid is B-carotene, which is what gives many plants their bright yellow color, and which is probably responsible for the yellow in the flowers in this canvas print. This is because it absorbs blue wavelength light and reflects a bright yellow.

Anthocyanins - These give us vivid reds, pinks, blues and purples. These pigments belong to a class of flavonoids, and are the most important plant pigments for flower coloration (there are apparently over 9000 of them!). This is what makes orchids pink.

Betalains - This gives us red and red-violet colors. This is often found in carnivorous plants, but vegetables like beets are also heavy in Betalain to give them their rich red color. When this interacts with other compounds in the soil (such as magnesium and iron) then the hue is changed.

Clearly, there is plenty of other stuff going on (genetics, dna, evolution, insects, predators, soil conditions, weather etc.) that all interplay.

But this is the ten-cent tour of color in plants and flowers!

(Word of the Day... Carotenoids!)

Now, go buy the canvas! Get some color on your walls and joy in your heart!


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(See the pictures for examples of both)

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  • Ink and Printing Love - We use superior eight-pass pigment-based inkjet printing, which uses archival inks designed to hold up over time without fading. We care as much as you do about the quality of our prints.
  • Frame Love - The wood in the frame and stretcher is constructed of 100% renewable wood.
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