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I Love Myself - Self Love Canvas Art

Much human time, activity, thought and inclination is given over to love. Usually, this is either from us giving love to others, or receiving it from others. (Both of which I heartily approve of by the way!)

(Scroll down for the art by the way!! - Not available in stores. So get them here while you can - This intro will help to explain how this collection came about)

But less often we think about the idea of self-love. We may pay lip-service to the idea of self-esteem, being positive and loving ourselves. But we don't really 'practice' it in quite the same way we would if we were seeking love (where, for example, you may join a dating site, or join a badminton club to try to meet someone).

Anyway, this particular art collection came about because I had the good fortune to listen on Audible to an amazing book by Karl Ravikant called 'Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It' (that's a link to it on Amazon - opens in a new tab).

One of the key messages in the book is that loving yourself is something you can practice, and he talks about practical ways to do exactly that. One of which is repeating, sort of mantra-like, 'I Love Myself' over and over again for five-minutes, while staring at yourself in your eyes in the mirror

I know... Sounds kooky. But I definitely think there's something in it. There are plenty of other things in there as well. It's a great book. You should listen to it :-) (He has quite a nice voice, so it's an easy listen :-))

Anyway, I thought to myself, that it would be amazing to also have a visual reminder of the 'I Love Myself' idea on the wall! So, I have created all of the original artworks below, so that others can share in that idea if they want, and have a canvas print on their walls that reminds themselves that they really are amazing, and that the roots of all love really begin when you love yourself :-) 

Below you might like a spot of Selfie Mirror Art (with a Frog - no less! - loving himself), one with a Love CanvasPenguin on a Beach (can you find the keys to his heart?), or some American Flag ArtUncle Sam I Love Myself Recruitment Canvas, and many more.

(What better art to have on your walls then ones that remind you that YOU are amazing!)

I hope you like them :-)


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