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Spiritual Art

In this Spiritual Art collection we explore various different aspects of spirituality, from Buddhist imagery (including our Buddha Heads design), to Healing the World, climate change and canvas art about resonating with the universe.

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Spiritual art is really about evoking a feeling of resonance with something that is outside yourself. It is the realisation that you aren't alone and that everything is interacting with everything else. So that, regardless of what you may believe on a practical level, that there is a real sense of the interconnections of everything in a more subtle, but powerful way.

(Please note I also explore this in the 'Meditation Art' and 'Yoga Art' canvas print collections, so be sure to check those out as well as the spiritual art below)

Below you can find Shiva Art and Shakti Art, as well as healing hands art which visualises the power coming from the hands of a healer in such practices as Reiki. Have a browse around :-)

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